• Regenia Gagnier (University of Exeter) — Selected publications include The Insatiabilityof Human Wants: Economics and Aesthetics in Market Society (2000); Individualism, Decadence and Globalization: on the Relationship of Part to Whole 1859-1920 (2010); Editor in Chief, Global Circulation Project, Literature Compass (2010).
  • Bernard V. Lightman (York University) — Selected publications include Figuring it Out: Science, Gender and Visual Culture (co-edited with Ann Shteir, 2006); Science in the Marketplace: Nineteenth-Century Sites and Experiences (co-edited with Aileen Fyfe, 2007); Victorian Popularizers of Science: Designing Nature for New Audiences (2007).
  • Herbert Tucker (University of Virginia) — Selected publications include Epic: Britain’s Heroic Muse 1790-1910 (2008); Victorian Literature 1830-1900 (Ed.,with Dorothy Mermin, 2001); A Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture (Ed., 1999); Tennyson and the Doom of Romanticism (1988).
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